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Christopher Grenchik

Maryland English, French

My name is Chris Grenchik. I am an avid writer, who wants to make a mark in some way in the social world. I currently create gaming content on youtube, write stories on Facebook and I cosplay at conventions and really enjoys reenactments and everything that pertains to history. All at the same time while holding a job throwing Axes, and studying. I really enjoy telling stories and educating others, but not always, not exactly the most social of people unless I’m in my element. Whether that be words on a page, or in an arena with a sword/ax or at a convention with cosplayers or in a museum, on a paintball field or behind a mouse and keyboard. I still currently live in a small town that sits on what once used to be a plantation in early American history, just outside of Washington DC. All of my life I’ve basically lived in the shadow of my four older siblings, trying to prove myself and show that I really can truly achieve great things in life if I am just given the chance, and opportunities. I’ve been into writing short stories since I was a sophomore in high school. My English class really got me into writing using shorty prompts or pictures to sort of construe a story with. I recall, while discussing the ending of a book in my Honors British Literature class, my teacher remarked to me, “Chris, you could probably write a better ending to this book.” Since then my mind has been focusing on writing more full-length stories. One of my shorter works was recently published The Muse, attached to Howard Community College. Most of the time an idea just pops into my head and I just sort of roll with it. Other times I ask someone for a prompt on Facebook and I just think about it for like three days and if the muse is with me, I knock out a short story in under a day. For each of these pieces, a solid portion of my heart is written between the lines. You just have to look for it. “If you don’t understand my silence, how will you understand my words?” I like to think that each story should always be genuine and creative and simply fun. I do dislike many popular books because they genuinely are boring. Hence why I always try to stay exciting and concise when I can and detailed only when the story really truly needs the extra details. My peer’s reviews are what helps me stay on that track and I intend to always have that be my main source of critique. It is the people who know exactly what they want, and if they like some things that I write and not others, I will always write both ways but I will try harder to write the way most people find popular.

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