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Andrea Grabow

Hagerstown, MD English

I love all things rainbow, unicorn, pink, and that delicious green/gold medallion fabric!! I used to attend OKRF at Castle of Muskogee until I moved to Maryland, and now I go to MDRF in Crownsville!! I have a majority of pieces from Damsel in this Dress, but I also have some pieces from Heart’s Delight and Moresca. Check out the pieces, create an outfit, and let me know if you have any questions or if I can help in any way!! (There is no question too small, and there are no stupid questions!!) Thanks for looking, and profile photo credit goes to my wonderful husband for putting up with my insatiable need to dress up!! (I also apologize for Garak staring at you from the background. He was a birthday present for my Star Trek loving husband!!)

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