What is Trove?

Trove is a peer-to-peer costume rental community. We provide access to high-quality costume goods for less money and empower you to make money by renting your cool costume stock to others. To keep exchanges secure, we offer a layer of third party accountability so you can focus on looking awesome, making memories and enjoying your costumed experiences.

How does it work?

Check out or “How To Video” for a handy guide as to how it all works.

Step 1: Register your wardrobe.
Step 2: Search the listings for the costume of your dreams.
Step 3: Review the item’s instructions to make sure you’re up for taking care of the item as required.
Step 4: Communicate with the renter if you have any questions.
Step 5: Rent the item.
Step 6: Wear it with pride! Be sure to snap photos and share using #trovecostumes.
Step 7: Re-pack it in the same materials it came in, or acquire new materials.
Step 8: Ship it back to its owner with love.
Step 9: Review and rate the item and transaction.
Step 10: Rise and repeat every time you want to look your best at a costumed event!

If you are renting out your costumes, please note that you will have to have a Paypal account in order to receive payment!

When will I get I get paid and how?

Payouts occur on a weekly basis automatically on Thursdays. You must have a Paypal account in order to receive your payment, and enter your PayPal email (not your PayPal url) in your account info. You must also mark your order as "FULFILLED" in your vendor dashboard, when it has been completed, in order to receive your payout.

Note that Trove charges a 20% service fee for use of the platform, so you will receive 80% of whatever rental fee you assign to your item.

What do you do with my personal information? Will you share it?

We are committed to protecting your privacy online. Please review Trove’s Privacy Policy.

In order to better provide you with our numerous services, we collect two types of information about our users: Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Non-Personally Identifiable Information (Non-PII). PII refers to information that lets us know exactly who you are, e.g., your email address or first and last name, address. Non-PII refers to information that does not by itself identify a specific individual, e.g. what internet browser you are using or the web address that you just came from when you visited Trove’s website. Our primary goal in collecting either your PII or Non-PII is to provide you with a smooth, efficient, and customized experience while using the Website and providing you our services.

We use your PII to provide our services to you and for no other purposes.

Rest assured that we DO NOT and WILL NOT share your PII with anyone other than the other members on the Trove platform to make sure your costume gets where it needs to go and gets back to you. In addition, it is a violation of our Trove’s Terms of Use for any member to use another member’s PII for any purpose outside the Trove Platform. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please email support@trovecostimes.com.

How do I value my costume?

We recommend that you take the purchase price of the object, and charge 25% of that value as the rental fee.

If you made something, it’s up to you to value the object according to the materials, time and effort it took to make it. If there is something similar on Trove, or the market you can compare your costume to, that can be a helpful way to arrive at a reasonable rate.

Note that Trove charges a 20% service fee for use of the platform, so you will receive 80% of the rental fee you assign to your item.

Do I have to have professional photography of the item?

No, but good photography is certainly helpful to making your item look appealing to a potential renter. We recommend listing several well-lit photos of the item from different angles, as well as photos of it in use if you have any to give potential renters examples of appropriate wear. If you are using professional photography, please credit the photographer if/as they require it.

How can I make sure who rents my costume handles it with care? I made my costume and it’s very special to me.

You are in control of what you choose to rent out on Trove.

We believe that costumes are living their best life when they are active and enjoyed. If you have a costume that’s very important to you, then that item might not be the best costume to rent. If you’re worried about something getting damaged, that could happen, so the best items to Trove are those that are robust, you’re no longer using or don’t hold special value to you.

Even so, what happens if someone returns my costume damaged?

Renting costumes out does come with the possibility of wear and tear, or damage. We are hopeful that this won’t happen often, but understand it’s a possible result of wearing and enjoying a costume. Accidents happen.

First, we’d like you to talk to the Trovian who rented your costume. Perhaps it’s not a big deal. Perhaps they know how to fix it. Perhaps you can work out a solution together before getting Trove involved.

We also recommend Trovians insure themselves—especially if what you’re choosing to rent out on Trove is an item that’s valuable to you.

What if I can’t work out a solution to address the damages done to my costume by the person who rented it?

We recognize you may need more help, and that’s what we’re here for. See below for insurance claim process and policies as well as best practices for communication with fellow Trovians on costume care expectations and requirements.

  • Reach out to support@trovecostumes.zendesk.com with a description and photos of the damage, if you’d like to file an insurance claim. Let us know if it’s something that can be fixed, or if the costume is “totaled” and the steps you’ve taken to resolve it directly. Once assessed, Trove can provide up to 4x the rental fee (up to the listed retail price) to help fix or replace a costume. Please note a few important things:
  • There is an insurance claim limit of $3,000.
  • If you are claiming an item is totaled, Trove may require you to ship us your costume, which you will not get back.
  • If a costume is lost in the mail, Trove may require a copy of your claim to the USPS/shipping company. If a costume is lost by a person, Trove may require a copy of the police report filed. In both cases, Trove may launch their own investigation before completing a claim.
  • You forfeit coverage if you rent to someone who you have reported previously for damage/loss.
  • Trove has the ability to deny any insurance claim it feels may be fraudulent.
  • These are all measures to protect Trove’s ability to continue to protect your stuff and experience. Please be decent humans and we promise to be the same.

What if I love the costume and don't want to return it?

Feel free to reach out to your fellow Trovian to ask if they would consider selling you their costume, but if not you are required to return it.

If you do not return the costume within the rental window you agreed to, your credit card will be charged up to 200% of the full retail value of the costume. We don’t want this to happen, so please return costumes promptly.

What if I return the costume late?

There is a $50 per day late charge that will be charged to your credit card each day a costume is late. This is to make sure costumes are returned on time, since users may have other requests to rent that costume that they need to fulfill.

Is there a fee to join Trove?

No. There is no registration or membership fee to join Trove.

Are there any other fees or costs when I rent a costume to/from someone? What about if I sell my costume via Trove’s “Trunk Sale?”

Trove charges a 10% insurance fee as well as a 12% transaction fee, and 3% processing fee to the person renting the costume and provides customer service to mediate any disputes or damage claims.

Trove charges a 20% service fee to the person renting out their costume.

Can I insure my costume myself?

Yes! And we recommend you do, especially if it’s a valuable item and you are choosing to rent it out on Trove.

Who cleans the costume?

Please detail your cleaning requirements in the rental listing. That said, we recommend that any complicated cleaning requirements be handled by the person renting the costume out, once it’s returned, to make sure the costume is cared for correctly.

Who pays for shipping?

The customer who is renting the costume pays for shipping both ways, just like any other site where you purchase and return an item. The way this works is that vendors set their own shipping prices. The cost of the vendor shipping one-way to the customer is included in the transaction charges, which are paid by the customer. The customer is then responsible for purchasing shipping to return the item to the vendor when the rental period is over.

As a vendor, how can I adjust the shipping fees?

Watch this video for a quick overview on how to adjust shipping fees on your listing.

How are shipping fees determined?

Shipping fees are determined by the vendor renting out their costume. During the listing process, there are two options for assigning shipping fees:

  1. A dropdown menu based on the USPS flat rate shipping fees.
  2. The ability to customize shipping fees to your specific item, and to specific locations. Please see this tutorial video if you need help using this feature.

What if I see something on the site I find offensive? Or experience offensive behavior by a fellow Trovian?

Please let us know at support@trovecostumes.zendesk.com. We have the ability to remove any members or content that we deem offensive or objectionable. For example, if we see any white supremacy paraphernalia on the site, it’s comin’ down. Help us by letting us know if you see something before we do.

We’re committed to keeping Trove a place where respect for each other and each
other’s stuff wins the day.

What is Trove’s policy on issues of cultural appropriation?

We hope you exercise good judgement and don’t choose to misappropriate a culture that you don’t represent. If you are worried that someone will wear or use your costume in a way that is offensive, maybe that isn’t the best costume to rent out.

Use the messenger feature to have a conversation with your renter first to make sure you’re on the same page about how something can or cannot be worn. We ask that you also be clear in the item’s listing if there are specific wear requirements or restrictions. If you still have a negative experience, let us know at support@trovecostumes.zendesk.com.

What is Trove’s policy on renting costume weapons?

Trove asks that you only rent fantasy weapons or historic costume weaponry pre-WWII. We know some people like to cosplay contemporary video games that are more convincing with contemporary-looking firearms. Since we can’t evaluate whether those weapons are real or not, we ask you not to rent them just for the sake of everyone’s safety.

Speaking of safety, what if I want to use the local pick-up, delivery option, but don’t feel comfortable meeting a stranger?

We totally get #strangerdanger, and definitely support you taking measures to make sure you are safe. That could mean asking someone to join you for the pick-up delivery so that you are not alone, or picking a neutral pickup/delivery spot. Most police stations can serve as safe pick-up spots.

What if I rent a costume I made to someone who wears it in a costume competition and doesn’t credit me?

You can specify if you don’t want an item worn in a competition, or how you’d like to be credited in your listing. You can also use the messenger function to talk to your fellow Trovian if there are any questions or concerns regarding credit you need to clear before renting out the item. We want people to get credited for their work, as they wish, but we can’t control it. If you still have a negative experience, we’ll value the feedback at support@trovecostumes.zendesk.com.

What if I want to sell, not rent my costumes?

You can list a sale price when listing your item, which will automatically make it appear in the “Trunk Sale” portion of the site.

What if I have a question that wasn’t answered here?

Please reach out at support@trovecostumes.zendesk.com. Your feedback will help us refine and improve this tool for everyone.

My event is coming up soon, how do I know I'll receive my costume in time?

If you have any questions about shipping, we recommend you use the "contact owner" button on the costumes listing page to reach out to the owner to ask if an item can be shipped in time, or expedited. If you're in a hurry to find a costume, we also recommend searching by location, so you can see what costumes are available locally. That way you can arrange for a quicker pickup and avoid shipping unknowns.