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Jo and Courtney

(Washington, D.C.)

“I love any excuse to dress up, but since we live in a small town house I don’t have a whole lot of room to store my costume and gear. Trove lets me don a new, super high quality costume to each event without it taking over our home!”


(Washington, D.C.)

“When we go to a multi-day event like Dragon Con, I like to make one new costume myself, and then rely on Trove to dress me for the other days – it keeps it manageable and fun!”

Scarlet, second from left

(Fairfax, Virginia)

“I loved wearing it so much! I couldn’t take five steps without having someone compliment me about this head dress! I felt like a true mermaid goddess!! Thank you so much for allowing me to use this head piece and for making a magical night that much more special!!


(Washington, D.C.)

“When heading to Renaissance Faire, one does not simply wear jeans and a tee. I had an appropriately witchy red velvet dress and a fur stole, even worn leather knee high boots, but my get up was lacking a certain occult flair. The magic…


(Washington, D.C.)

“I had a great time dressing up like a mermaid. Trove had every costume and accessory I could ever want. People asked to take *my* picture. It was a lot of fun! We had a blast.”