Diamond Regency Day Dress

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If you are going on a Regency picnic or plan to walk across the fields to visit your sick sister, you need a day dress.  This is a handmade Regency dress.  It is not historically accurate, just historically inspired.  It was made from bedsheets (If you can guess what big box store they were from, I'll give you 10% off).

This listing is only for the outer dress.  This dress could be worn over Regency stays or a modern bra. I recommend wearing a chemise and petticoat under the dress to get the most historically accurate look.  I also have a Regency Petticoat for rent that can be used with this dress!

Dresses during the Regency were made to change sizes easily to accommodate changes in the size of the wearer or fit multiple people.  Since this dress is based on historical dresses, it can also be adjusted.  I have listed the minimum and maximum measurements of the parts of the dress that can be changed.  I made this dress for myself and I usually wear a US Medium or US 6/8 and am 5'2" (though it's actually a little long on me.)

I would really recommend having a friend around when putting this dress on as all the ties are on the back!

If you have questions about measurements or the dress, I'm happy to help so just let me know!  Please make sure the cuff will fit your bicep as this is not adjustable.

Collar: 60 in max
Underbust: 60 in max
Sleeve cuff: 13.5 in

Check out my other Regency listings to create a whole outfit!  If you want multiple pieces, let me know and I can bundle shipping.


Lace Gloves


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