Egyptian Pharaoh / Cleopatra full costume

Weekly Rental $60

A full costume (except for shoes) for an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, or probably any person with enough means to have some shiny accessories 🙂  Includes a cotton tank-style dress/caftan, plus headpiece, 2-piece hip wrap, wide collar, and 4 sequin bracelet/anklet bands.

(I can picture one of these working as a couples costume... gal wears the dress, guy wears the hip wrap, and they split the other accessories however they like 🙂 )

There are several sets available, in case you want a whole Egyptian court.  Different sizes available (see extra listing details for size details).

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Owned by Sherry R
Owned by: Sherry R


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Extra Listing Details
  • Costume Fit

    Not Available

    Costume Fit

    specify size (from chart) when ordering; some pieces vary in size and will be selected based on dress size