Harley Quinn Birds of Prey


Item valued at $180

Great condition original birds of prey, Harley Quinn costume from the original movie, branded jacket and choker and earpiece. Fake Malord and red suspenders are available. As well as shorts and blonde wig.

Owned by Costumedyou
Owned by: Costumedyou


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  • Costume Fit


    Costume Fit

    Fit as pictured in the movie

  • Materials


  • Special Care and/or Cleaning Requirements
    Special Care and/or Cleaning Requirements

    Please wipe down with Lysol wipes, and Lysol spray, and/or bleach, or Windex after done with the product.

  • Wearing restrictions or requirements
    Wearing restrictions or requirements

    Do not wear with heavy layers. This will make you perspire heavily and really sweat extremely extensively. You will get very warm unless you’re in the snow.