Kids Queen Elizabeth the 1st Size 7-10 great for school presentations or wax museum project

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When you rent this costume I let you pick a tiara that your child will get to keep as a gift.  All other costumes items that must be returned include pearls a hoop skirt and underskirt the over skirt, the bodice, and Elizabethan ruff and optional lace cuffs. Basically everything you need except the shoes to be Queen Elizabeth the first for a day.  I also have a wig that rents separately as it requires restyling each time if you are interested Send me a message and I can get you the link.


I portray Queen Elizabeth and make my gowns in extreme detail as I recreate the gowns in her portraits. I've had a lot of people ask for a kids version for school wax museum projects. So I spent 30 hours making a complete fully detailed gown. This is not just a costume. This is a slightly simplified for kids of the types of gowns they would have worn in Queen Elizabeth's day. It doesn't use historically accurate materials but the gown is well made and would make any girls Museum project that much more incredible for them also it would make a wonderful Halloween or cosplay costume for a Comic-Con and of course you would be the talk of the town at a Renaissance faire! My goal in making this gown was to encourage more kids to learn about Queen Elizabeth the first. I don't even have a daughter to wear it. I made it specifically to rent so kids could feel like a queen!!

Owned by Lady Dowdle Cosplay
Owned by: Lady Dowdle Cosplay

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Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 17 × 5 in


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  • Costume Fit


    Costume Fit

    Size 7-9

  • Special Care and/or Cleaning Requirements
    Special Care and/or Cleaning Requirements

    Please wear a clean undershirt as this bodice cannot be thrown in the wash and must be spot cleaned.

  • Construction Notes
    Construction Notes

    Please do not let the skirt drag on the ground. If necessary you can fold over the waist band and safety pin it to make it shorter

  • Wearing restrictions or requirements
    Wearing restrictions or requirements

    If people ask who made the dress please direct them to my Instagram or Facebook page! @ queenscostumesbysdowdle @queensclosetbydowdle I always send a few business cards in the box. OK to use in small friend or work costume contests though I want to know if they've won. You cannot use it in cosplay contests or official costume contests. Fine to use in pageants however where the person is being judged and not the gown.