Steampunk Empress Industrial Epaulettes OOAK

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Item valued at $880.00

Steampunk Empress

She takes her throne wearing this stunning, one of a kind industrial  epaulette. Featuring a stunning array of mixed metallic chains & charms with patinated accents. This regal piece, displays both her princess side, on the right shoulder with chandelier draped jewels, as well as her warrior side, featuring  fur lined copper pauldrons with rhinestone trim. This incredible piece is filled with tiny unique accents that make it a truly special piece of wearable art.

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Owned by VoidsCloset
Owned by: VoidsCloset


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  • Costume Fit

    Not Available

  • Materials

    Mixed metals

  • Special Care and/or Cleaning Requirements
    Special Care and/or Cleaning Requirements

    Do not clean! Be sure to wrap strands chain drapery individually before shipping to eliminate tangling

  • Construction Notes
    Construction Notes

    An assistant to hold front and back drapery apart & help get in and out of piece without damage is strongly recommended.