Steampunk leather 2-piece corset + top set

Weekly Rental $188

Item valued at $750

Exquisitely detailed, handmade leather corset and top set adorned with steampunk gears, and metal accents. The set is 2 separate pieces, the underbust corset, which ties in the back, and the top which wears like an adjustable halter. Acquired from a vendor at DragonCon.

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Owned by Kelly Carnes
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Cheverly, MD
Owned by: Kelly Carnes

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 1 in


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  • Costume Fit


    Costume Fit

    My measurements are Chest: 34C, Waist: 27. There is flexibility in the chest and waist size since the chest piece adjusts via belt straps, and the waist laces in the back to your liking.

  • Materials


  • Special Care and/or Cleaning Requirements
    Special Care and/or Cleaning Requirements

    Undershirt is included, please just toss the shirt in regular wash and dry before returning.