Weekly Rental $400

Item valued at $600

Rubies Chewbacca costume

body suit, gloves, feet covers, mask, bandolier (no blaster)

Total: $ ()
Rental return within days
Owned by WaveCapsule
Owned by: WaveCapsule


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  • Costume Fit


    Costume Fit

    It fits loose but it’s very warm. Good idea to wear it during fall and winter

  • Materials

    Faux fur, rubber

  • Special Care and/or Cleaning Requirements
    Special Care and/or Cleaning Requirements

    For dirt, wipe with a clean damp cloth. The fur seems appropriately matted so don’t brush the fur. Do not wash the costume in a washing machine.

  • Construction Notes
    Construction Notes

    The mask is so large you might need to wear a hat or something underneath it. I put false eyes in and looked through the mouth. Please don’t modify the mask.

  • Wearing restrictions or requirements
    Wearing restrictions or requirements

    It’s very hot in this costume. Hydrate.